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Relationship between Trace Elements and Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis(2)

Magnesium ion is an important cation that is necessary for the human body to participate in various physiological activities. It can regulate the immune function of the human body, directly inhibit the release of sensitizing substances from active substances, prevent osteoporosis, and protect the nervous system, cardio-cerebrovascular system, etc.
Lack of magnesium can also bring diseases to the human body, such as cardiovascular spasm, arrhythmia, muscle spasm, migraine, and hypoimmunity. It can be used to supplement the human body's demand for magnesium by diet and taking magnesium.
The study found that mental stress and negative emotion are some of the important pathogenic factors of chronic prostatitis. Magnesium regulates certain hormones that calm the brain, help you relax, and feel good. It also contains GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that can help relieve stress and anxiety problems.
Tips: In daily life, you can choose food with more magnesium; avoid too much coffee and tea; control the food with too much phosphorus in fish, shrimp, meat, and eggs.

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