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Relationship between Trace Elements and Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis(3)

Calcium is not only a major essential element of the human body but also the inorganic element with the most content in the human body. The calcium content in the adult body accounts for about 1.5% - 2.0% of body weight. Some studies have shown that in the process of metabolism of human nerve cells, a variety of enzymes and hormones needed for protein metabolism need to be activated by calcium ions to have biological activity.
Accelerating metabolism can help to eliminate inflammation and tissue edema. The slow, poor metabolism will lead to the poor excretion of various harmful substances, which will be deposited in the prostate, and then cause the occurrence of aseptic prostate and aggravate the condition of all of the types of chronic prostatitis.
The promotion of metabolism can also increase the body's resistance and immunity, helping to avoid the occurrence of prostatitis. In the daily intake of natural food, there are many foods that can achieve the purpose of increasing calcium, such as dairy products, soybean products, and so on. Compared with calcium tablets, these foods are cheap and digestive, which should be the first choice for calcium supplements.
Tips: Experts also point out that dietary calcium supplementation is the best and safest way. In addition to the daily food adjustment, if it can not meet the needs of the body, the use of nutritional supplements or fortified food is also one of the means to solve the lack of micronutrient intake.
Calcium needs to be replenished in a proper way with the advice of doctors, and vitamin D should be taken in the process of calcium supplementation to help the body absorb calcium. Excessive calcium supplements will affect the absorption rate of other necessary minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, etc.

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