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Complications of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a common clinical disease, which is easy to be ignored. Most of them are caused by the invasion of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli. The patients often have symptoms such as prostate pain, urodynia, frequent urination, and dysuria. If there is no timely treatment, it will lead to more serious complications.
Urinary tract infection
Recurrent urinary tract infection is a characteristic of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Although the symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection can be eliminated rapidly after the bacteria are killed in the urine during the appropriate antibacterial treatment, the infection caused by the same bacteria is prone to reoccur at a certain interval after treatment.
The bacteria in the urine are completely killed, but the pathogenic bacteria in the prostate remain unchanged. Therefore, most antibiotics are difficult to penetrate into the prostatic fluid.
As a result, after finishing the course, the bacteria remain in the prostate, which will eventually lead to reinfection of the urinary tract. It can also cause infective prostate stones and lead to a chronic infection that is difficult to be treated with drugs. Sometimes chronic bacterial prostatitis can be complicated by urethral bladder obstruction caused by bladder neck contracture, but whether there is a causal relationship between them is not clear.
Chronic seminal vesiculitis
It is the most common complication of chronic bacterial prostatitis. In the course of chronic disease, they often exist at the same time and influence each other. For a long time, it can obviously lead to male sexual dysfunction. When prostatitis is complicated with seminal vesiculitis, blood in semen can appear.
The pathogenic microorganism and bacterial toxin contained in the prostatic fluid of the patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis can directly kill the sperm after entering the semen, resulting in the dead sperm, abnormal sperm, decreased sperm motility, the production of anti-sperm antibody, decreased activity of acrosin, and infertility.
Bacterial epididymitis
Prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis exist at the same time. Inflammation can invade epididymis and cause chronic bacterial epididymitis.
Various types of cystitis
At present, the chronic inflammation of the prostate gland spreads to the bladder, and the obvious symptoms of urinary tract stimulation appear, which is caused by various types of cystitis.
Scleroderma of the bladder neck
This complication is rare.
Allergic diseases
Chronic lesions lurk in the body for a long time and become allergens. In addition to the symptoms of the local urinary system, they can also cause various types of allergic diseases, such as arthritis, myositis, iritis, neuritis, etc.
Sexual dysfunction
The main manifestation is sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, which may be related to the inflammatory stimulation of the prostate. The relationship between impotence and prostatitis is uncertain. Chronic bacterial prostatitis does not directly damage the neurovascular function of penile erection.
Long term discomfort produces psychological pressure on patients, which makes them suppress and worry, especially for patients who can't understand the mechanism of this disease, resulting in mental impotence.
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