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Prevention of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Because the predisposing factors have not been determined, it is difficult to prevent the disease. And common prevention measures include the following:
No. 1
The normal prostatic fluid contains a zinc element, which is a powerful antibacterial factor. The content of zinc in the prostatic fluid of patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis is significantly reduced.
Some authors think that this antibacterial factor in the prostatic fluid of men is a natural defense mechanism against the infection of the genitourinary system, but the oral zinc element can not stimulate the zinc in the prostatic fluid of the male patients It is necessary to treat the acute bacterial prostatitis, so as to prevent the occurrence of chronic bacterial prostatitis.
No. 2
Reasonable and moderate sexual life is helpful to the recovery of prostatitis. Excessive or frequent sexual excitement can lead to prostate congestion, but abstinence can also cause prostatic fluid to stay in the prostate and induce infection.
Therefore, regular sexual life, no frequent masturbation, good sexual and personal hygiene is suggested, in order to prevent the occurrence of prostate hyperemia, and genital infection. At the same time, it should be noted that aphrodisiac should not be abused.
No. 3
Don't drink or smoke, and spicy food is also prohibited. It is advised to drink more water, and avoid holding urine, to keep the urinary tract unobstructed, which is conducive to the discharge of prostate secretion.
No. 4
For patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis who have already been cured, it is good to take a hot bath every night to improve the blood supply of the prostate and prevent the recurrence of inflammation.

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