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Diagnosis of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

CPPS has always been a common disease bothering urologists, which will have a serious impact on the physical and mental health of patients. For this disease, there are still some problems, such as complicated pathogenic factors, diversified clinical symptoms, controversial diagnosis methods and efficacy standards, and inconsistent treatment courses.
Digital rectal examination
In the digital rectal examination, the prostate is full, enlarged, soft and there will be mild tenderness. In patients with longer duration, the gland will become small, hard and uneven in texture.
Take a urine sample for analysis before the prostate massage is an auxiliary method to eliminate urinary tract infection and diagnose prostatitis. Some related diseases, such as bacterial infection and malignant tumors of the urogenital system, can be found or excluded.
Expressed prostatic secretion
The microscopic examination of prostatic secretion plays an important role in the diagnosis and differentiation of prostatitis, but it can cause misleading. For example, excessive white blood cells in the prostatic massage fluid may be a false-positive reaction caused by urethral diseases, and the same non-specific infectious diseases of the prostate (such as noninfectious prostatic stones) may also lead to a false-positive reaction.
White blood cells(WBC) in the prostatic fluid were also significantly increased in normal men within hours after sexual intercourse and ejaculation. It is generally believed that the WBC number increases in EPS of patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic aseptic prostatitis, but not in patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
The correlation between WBC count and symptom severity is not clear. The cytoplasm of macrophages in EPS contains phagocytized lecithin corpuscles or cell fragments, which is the unique manifestation of prostatitis.

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