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Diagnosis of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome(3)

Urodynamic examination
The rigid function of the bladder neck and internal sphincter is obviously out of order, which makes the maximum and average flow rate of urine decrease. The urethra of the bladder neck and the prostate near the external sphincter of the urethra can not be completely relaxed, and the maximum closed pressure of urethra will increase during the static period.
The electric silence (normal relaxation) of the external sphincter of the urethra is a typical manifestation of this kind of patient.
During urination, bladder neck obstruction, incomplete funnel, urethral stricture at the external sphincter, etc. can occur.
Imaging examination
Transrectal B-ultrasound is a fast and simple method, and its contrast resolution is better than CT and MRI. It is one of the primary screening tests for the diagnosis of prostate diseases.
In order to make a clear diagnosis and differential diagnosis, we can choose semen analysis or bacterial culture, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), urine flow rate, urodynamics, CT, MRI and prostate biopsy.
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