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How Does Herbal Fumigation Therapy Work for Chronic Prostatitis?(2)

Herbal fumigation therapy is to use this physiological characteristic of the skin to make the medicine enter the blood circulation through the absorption of the skin surface layer, the penetration of the cuticle and the transport of the dermis, so as to increase the temperature of the skin, expand the capillaries and promote the metabolism and play a pharmacological effect.
For example, using herbs such as safflower, angelica and Salvia miltiorrhiza as fumigation can act on the sensory nerve, increase local blood circulation and nutrition supply, speed up the removal of metabolic waste at the pain site, so as to quickly eliminate or relieve external symptoms such as prostate pain, and improve organism immunity.
However, herbal fumigation can only alleviate symptoms caused by chronic prostatitis, not achieve a thorough cure. Chronic prostatitis is a disease of the internal environment of the body, so it needs to be treated from the internal environment of the body. Therefore, the effect of herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is great. Compared with chemical drugs, the biggest advantage of this pill is that it will not produce drug resistance or any other side effects.
In addition, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the overall deduction and systematic treatment and strives to regulate the patients comprehensively through traditional Chinese medicine, which can get a complete cure, eliminate the symptoms of falling and swelling pain, frequent and urgent urination and so on, so as to play the role of treating diseases fundamentally. The most important thing is that the formula contains channel ushering drugs, which can make the effect reach the affected area directly and effect more targeted.
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