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Can Taijiquan Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

The clinical manifestations of chronic prostatitis are complex. Symptoms such as frequent urination, premature ejaculation, and discomfort in perineum make the patients nervous, depressed, and unhappy. The changes in emotion and physiology cause trauma to the mental and health, making chronic prostatitis more lingering and difficult to heal.

Taijiquan, which combines health care and sports, is one of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and belongs to non-drug nature therapy. For patients with chronic prostatitis, traditional health care exercises, such as Taijiquan, can relax the whole body muscles and reduce the tension of blood vessels.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Taijiquan has the functions of tonifying kidney essence, strengthening muscles and bones, and resisting diseases. When Taijiquan is played, the action is guided by the mind, which helps to eliminate the stimulation of mental tension factors on the human body and helps to expand blood vessels.

The main therapeutic principles of Taijiquan exercise are as follows:
1、 Adjust your body and shape.
2、 Regulate the breath.
3、 Adjust the heart and nourish the mind.

According to the Chinese Andrology, "From the experiments in dogs, without any stimulation, the secretion rate of the prostate is very low, and the secretion of the prostate is increased by stimulating the hypogastric nerve or giving parasympathetic drugs or cholinergic drugs.".

Taijiquan emphasizes relaxation. Modern scientific research such as physiology and psychology shows that when people are in a state of complete relaxation, the arousal level of the cerebral cortex decreases, the related functions of the sympathetic nervous system decrease, the related functions of the parasympathetic nervous system increase, the blood gas saturation increases, the blood vessel dilates, the blood vessel volume increases.

In addition, the blood vessel permeability obviously improves, the peripheral blood and flow increase, and the microcirculation is improved. The parasympathetic function is strengthened, gastrointestinal peristalsis secretion is enhanced, and bile secretion is increased.

Therefore, Taijiquan stimulates the parasympathetic nerve and massages the prostate continuously from Dantian through the perineum to the tail. Enhance the body's healthy qi, improve the disease resistance and self-repair ability, and achieve the therapeutic effect. But the effect of Taijiquan is also limited, so we can combine Taijiquan with medication, so we can get twice the result with half the effort.

The prescription of the patent herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains more than 50 kinds of herbal ingredients, such as plantain, peach kernel, safflower, red peony, Houttuynia, etc., which has the functions of clearing away metabolic waste, activating blood circulation and relieving pain, diuretic and anti hyperplasia, anti calcification, anti-fibrosis, detumescence, and clearing glands.

Therefore, it can not only have targeted treatment effect on various types of chronic prostatitis but also prevent the symptoms of swelling, calcification, and fibrosis of the prostate, so the urination system of the patients can quickly return to normal after being cured.


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