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The Effect of Medicated Bath on Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Medicine bath has a unique effect on the human body, which has been valued by the medical community since ancient times. At present, the common types of medical baths in the market are mainly divided into three categories, including whole-body bath, sitz bath, and foot bath.
The steps are very simple, patients only need to pour the dissolved medicine into the bathtub or tub with the water temperature and quantity adjusted, and then soak your body in the water; people can gradually feel the changes of your body in the process of bathing.
From the perspective of current research, a medicated bath can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, regulate channels and viscera, improve blood circulation and relieve pain, relax muscles and collaterals, connect bones and tendons, warm muscles and regulate joint dysfunction, as well as prevent diseases and keep fit.
The therapeutic effect of medicine bath is various. Firstly, it is directly related to the effect of water itself. When the drug is dissolved in water, the so-called drug solution is formed.
Compared with oral administration and other ways of administration, it has the following characteristics:
Direct absorption
The skin has the function of absorbing the chemicals in contact with it. The drugs dissolved in water, fat, and other solvents can be absorbed by the skin. Of course, water-soluble drugs are still more important.
Although the drugs absorbed through the skin are not as direct, rapid and can be administered in large quantities as oral drugs and intravenous drugs, they have the advantages of continuous, gentle, small side effects and do not cause gastrointestinal reactions. Therefore, it is especially suitable for chronic diseases.

Holistic mechanism
The whole function of a medicated bath is to use the direct absorption of the medicine through the skin, orifices, acupoints, and other parts, enter the meridians and blood vessels and transport the whole body to play its pharmacological effect.
In recent years, the research on the mechanism of external treatment of medicated baths is also in-depth. It is believed that the external treatment of a medicated bath not only plays its own pharmacological role in the blood circulation but also regulates the function of tissues and organs of various systems and the immune function of the body.
Local mechanism
The effect of a medicated bath on the local tissue can make the drug concentration in the local tissue significantly higher than other parts, so the local curative effect is obvious, and the effect is rapid.
Patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome can take a sitz bath to soak perineum for treatment, the heat effect of medicine solution, and the effect of the medicine can expand local blood vessels, improve the blood circulation of perineum and nutrition of surrounding tissues, so as to play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role.
In addition, patients can also be treated with the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can remove the inflammation of the genitourinary tract completely, restore the normal function of the prostate, and relieve the discomfort of the genitourinary organs, which can be a great choice.
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