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Fire Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Fire therapy has a long history, and it is a kind of therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. It is similar to cupping and acupuncture. It not only uses the effect of the heat effect of the meridians and collaterals of moxibustion but also integrates the sticking method of acupuncture, that is, the principle that the medicine Qi penetrates the whole body through the acupoints in the meridians.
In order to improve the local blood circulation, activate the immune function of various human tissues and cells, and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.
Due to the strong and lasting thermal effect of fire therapy under the action of the medium, it can make local blood vessels expand, promote blood circulation, strengthen the permeability of cells, facilitate the absorption of hematoma, accelerate the dissipation of edema, strengthen the phagocytosis of macrophage system, and improve metabolism, so it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Fire therapy can also accelerate the absorption of congestion and the excretion of local pain-causing substances. It can stimulate the receptors and nerve fibers in the deep tissues, excite the coarse nerve fibers, and inhibit the pain signals transmitted by the fine nerve fibers. Fire therapy can stimulate the adrenal cortex, increase leukocyte, decrease eosinophils, and release more hydroxycorticosteroids-17, which play an important role in eliminating local nonbacterial inflammation.

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