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Fire Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome(2)

In addition, the Pyrotherapy can also regulate the endorphin, which is an important analgesic substance in the body. The content of serum endorphin in patients with chronic pain before the Pyrotherapy is lower than that in normal people.
After receiving fire therapy, the content of serum endorphin is significantly increased, and the pain is also significantly relieved. The production of these analgesics improves the pain threshold of patients to a certain extent, so as to reduce pain and relieve muscle tension.
However, according to the chief physician of Acupuncture Department of acupuncture Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, fire therapy is at best a temperature stimulation, which is different from moxibustion with definite curative effects. Fire therapy is dangerous, and there is a lack of relevant supervision and regulations, limited efficacy, improper operation, and patients are easy to be burned.
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a very complex disease, the specific cause of the disease is not clear, the common symptoms of the disease are lumbosacral pain, perineum pain, abdominal pain, testicular pain and so on. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the effect of promoting the local blood circulation of the prostate, so it can effectively relieve the patients' pain and discomfort, and will not cause any side effects on the human body.
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