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Can Hot Compress with Medical Salt Pack Treat Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

Hot compress with the medical salt pack is one of the external treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is to use heated salt wrapped in a piece of cloth to apply on some parts of the body as a hot compress. In fact, it is similar to the hot compress in modern clinical practice.
Generally, the salt used is coarse salt halite and sea salt, which are generally composed of seawater or old brine. The salt is usually evaporated and crystallized from brine; heated salt will produce an amount of heat after being heated, which can promote the recovery of diseases.
Salt is not easy to cool after being heated, so it can achieve a local warming effect. Hot compresses with heated salt can increase local skin temperature, relax muscles, expand skin capillaries, and improve local and even systemic blood circulation.
Traditional Chinese medicine said that "Poor blood circulation will cause pain," which means that if blood circulation is unblocked, there will be no pain in the body, and once the pain occurs, it means that blood circulation is poor. The salt application can promote blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce deep tissue congestion, and strengthen local resistance, which has a huge effect on human health.

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