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Does Foot Bath Work for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis?

Foot bath is one kind of medicated bath in traditional Chinese medicine therapy and is also one kind of natural therapy. Soak your feet with hot water can improve local blood circulation, dispel cold, promote metabolism, and finally achieve the purpose of health care. Footbath has a history of thousands of years, and it can remove metabolic waste and pathological sediment, play a role in cleaning the human body and resist various diseases, which has a very good auxiliary effect on the treatment of many diseases.
The foot is also known as the second heart of the human body; scientific research has proved that there are reflex areas and meridians distribution corresponding to viscera and organs on human feet. When feet are soaked with warm water, these reflex areas can be stimulated, blood circulation of the human body can be promoted, the endocrine system can be regulated, organ function can be enhanced, and the health care effect of disease prevention and treatment can be achieved.
At the same time, thermal stimulation will accelerate the microcirculation of the foot and open the pores. Skin is one of the organs of the human body, which has the functions of barrier and absorption, secretion and excretion, thermoregulation, sensation, and respiration.
When taking footbath, on the one hand, due to the warm effect and drug effect, the blood circulation can be accelerated so that the blood in the lower limbs and viscera can also be added to the body circulation, so that the toxins and wastes in the human body can be discharged from the body through the role of metabolism, promoting the elimination of inflammation.
On the other hand, the capillaries and peripheral nerves of the foot are very rich. By stimulating these acupoints, the foot blood vessels can be expanded, the blood circulation can be accelerated, and the sensitivity of nerves can be enhanced to promote the entry of drug ions so that the drug efficacy can be transmitted to the whole body quickly and effectively through meridians.

In the process of foot bath, the foot is stimulated by physical factors such as heat energy, water pressure and drug ion movement, so as to stimulate the body's self-regulation, promote the body's resistance function, enhance the body's immune function, inhibit or reduce the release of biologically active substances, and achieve the effect of regulating the metabolism of viscera and preventing and treating diseases.
At the same time, under the action of biological anion energy, the nerve cells, brain glands and lymphocytes of the pituitary gland are activated to the maximum extent, so as to improve the identification and killing function of antibody substances to pathogens and viruses, and promote the elimination of waste in the body with sweat glands, urinary system, and other excretory organs.
However, the effect of medicine absorbed by foot bath through the skin is limited, and the absorption speed is slow, so it can only be used for the auxiliary treatment of the disease. Those who are seriously ill must go to the hospital to see a doctor, so as not to avoid the aggravation of the condition.
Therefore, patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis can be treated with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively improve the microcirculation of the prostate, make the blood flow unobstructed, so as to accelerate the elimination of inflammation, and also can effectively relieve the pain of the prostate. In addition, the patient's symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency can also be gradually eliminated without producing side effects.
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