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Can Acupuncture Treat Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis?

Due to the special physiological position and anatomical relationship of prostate, the effect of clinical anti-inflammatory is often not ideal. And many pieces of research had found that acupuncture has a unique and significant curative effect in the \treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis.
The mechanism of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic prostatitis may be as follows:
1. Regulate the internal secretion of the body and promote tissue repair
Acupuncture stimulates the peripheral nerve impulses of the acupoint receptors on the surface of the body. The impulses reach the central nervous system along the afferent nerve and the dorsal root of the spinal nerve. After the impulses are integrated, they reach the adrenal medulla through the sympathetic nerve, stimulate the tissue to release catecholamine, and play the role of inhibiting the permeability of blood vessels, improving tissue edema and inflammatory exudation.
2. Stimulation on the body
By stimulating the surface part of the body, acupuncture can make the body interact with the nerves that control the prostate and other organs, so as to regulate the neuroendocrine function, reduce the excitability of sympathetic nerve and pudendal nerve, so as to improve the spasm state of the pelvic floor muscles, relieve pain, reduce the pressure of the sphincter of the urethra, so that the function of the detrusor tends to be coordinated.

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