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Does Scraping Work for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

The organism's metabolites are usually excreted through respiration, sweat, defecation, and other forms. The current metabolites can not be discharged through normal channels and remain in the body for a long time, thus forming endotoxin harmful to the body.
These endotoxins include bacterial viruses, their metabolites and oxygen, which produce oxygen free radicals and other active substances in the process of metabolism in vivo. Endotoxin is not only the result of pathological changes, but also an important cause of disease development.
Scraping can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, replenish oxygen and promote blood circulation, activate cells and strengthen metabolism. Modern medicine believes that the process of removing harmful foreign bodies can stimulate the function of the immune system, improve the stress ability of the body and the repairability of tissue trauma.
When scraping at the place containing endotoxin, because of the permeability disorder of the capillary here, the downward pressure of the scraper will cause the capillary to break, and the blood containing endotoxin will exude from the broken capillary.

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