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How Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Frequent Urination?

Many chronic prostatitis patients will have symptoms of frequent urination, but how does chronic prostatitis cause frequent urination?
The causes of frequent urination caused by choric prostatitis:
When chronic prostatitis develops to a certain extent, urinary obstruction increases, urinary resistance increases, and exceeds the bladder's ability to urinate, so the urinary intention cannot be controlled. The patient will have symptoms such as frequent urination and urgent urination. The urine in the bladder cannot be completely emptied, so residual urine will appear.
In addition, chronic prostatitis can cause prostatic hypertrophy and calcification. And then, it causes physical pressure on the urethra, and the corresponding stimulation of the urethra is one of the reasons for the frequency of urination.
The urethra passes through the prostate, when there is inflammation in the prostate, the urethra mucosa will be repeatedly stimulated, which will cause pressure on the prostate. And then lead to the slow and chronic overflow of prostatic fluid. When the prostatic fluid flows through the urethra, it will correspondingly trigger the feeling of urination.
Chronic prostatitis patients who have a drinking habit, emotional tension, and acute infection can also have frequent urination. And the acid-base balance of the diet is a very important link for the prevention of frequent urination.
Therefore, patients need to control the diet structure, avoid excessive intake of acid substances to aggravate the acid constitution, eat more foods rich in plant organic active alkali, eat less meat and more vegetables. Besides, more outdoor workouts should be carried out, and sweating can help eliminate the body's excess acid substances, so as to ease the frequency of urination.
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