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What Should Patients with Frequent Urination Caused by Chronic Prostatitis Eat?(2)

Pumpkin seed oil is more convenient to take. 5ml at a time can be taken orally directly, or mixed with juice, or mixed with yogurt. If mixed with yogurt, it can improve intestinal flora, which is most beneficial to health.
In addition, you can also use pumpkin seed oil to mix tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, add 5ml pumpkin seed oil, add a small amount of salad dressing and mix well, or you can add some purple cabbage, onion, and other seasonings, not only nutrition but also prostate protection.
Dandelion, another common medicine, and food plant, also has a good effect on the frequency of urination, burning pain, and poor urination caused by prostate problems or urinary tract infection in men.
Dandelion is a kind of plant used in Chinese medicine and nutrition, it contains rich mineral elements, etc., which has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, can promote urination, improve dysuria, burning pain in urination, etc., which is good for maintaining male health and preventing urinary tract infection It is important to protect the prostate.
In addition, all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, and crude cellulose food are also very recommended. At the same time, patients should also actively receive treatment, such as taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation, so as to relieve the patients' symptoms of frequent urination.
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