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Treatment and Prevention for Chronic chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis generally requires a long treatment cycle, and patients need to maintain sufficient confidence and patience.
1. Examination before treatment
The examination items need to be determined according to the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. It mainly includes urine routine, blood routine, prostatic fluid, bacterial culture, drug sensitivity test, and B-ultrasonic examination.
At different stages of diagnosis and treatment, the examination may be different. For example, the first visit patients may need to receive urine routine, prostate fluid, and B-ultrasonic examination, while the second visit patients only need to receive prostate fluid, bacterial culture, and drug sensitivity test.
2. Prostatic massage
Prostatic massage is a routine examination to obtain prostatic fluid. It has the function of diagnosis and treatment. It is better not to have sex the day before the examination, so as to avoid the difficulty in obtaining the prostatic fluid during the examination. At the same time, don't be nervous during the examination. Excessive tension will make the anal sphincter contract but aggravate the discomfort.
If you can't stand it, you can ask the doctor to stop the examination. In addition, it is better to defecate and empty the bladder before the examination.
3. Treatment
The treatment of chronic prostatitis should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Different drugs should be used according to different symptoms and changes of the condition. Do not buy drugs by yourself.
Nonstandard treatment and abuse of antibiotics are the main causes of chronic prostatitis. During the treatment period, we should make a regular follow-up visit and take medicine according to the doctor's instructions. Do not stop or change the medicine at will, especially antibiotics.
In addition, not all chronic prostatitis needs to be treated; for example, some chronic patients with nonbacterial infection can not be treated.
4. General treatment
During the treatment period, we must develop good living habits. If living habits are not good, the treatment effect will be greatly reduced.
Develop good living habits, such as quitting smoking and drinking, eating less spicy and other stimulating food, eating more fruits and vegetables, don't stay up late, exercise more, drink more water, and don't hold urine excessively, have a proper and regular sexual life.
5. Choose other treatments carefully
We should carefully choose some "boasting" and exaggerated treatment methods, such as transurethral, rectal, and perineum, to apply microwave, radiofrequency, laser, and other physical means for hyperthermia. There is not only the risk of unknown complications, but the exact efficacy also has not been confirmed, and the lack of long-term follow-up data is not recommended for unmarried and unborn.
However, there is a lack of effective evidence about the efficacy and safety of prostate injection and operation, so we hope that patients can consider it carefully.
Prevention for chronic prostatitis
To prevent chronic prostatitis, patients should pay attention to the following points:
1. Develop good living habits, quit smoking and drinking, eat less spicy and other stimulating food, and eat more fruits and vegetables;
2. Regular work and rest, avoid staying up late, less sedentary, more exercise, more drinking water, do not over hold urine;
3. If there is no sexually transmitted disease, keep a regular sexual life;
4. Strengthen nutrition and improve immunity;
5. Keep good hygiene, take a bath and change clothes frequently;
6. Some preventive drugs are effective, but the relapse after repeated drug withdrawal can be prevented by long-term intermittent medication.

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