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Treatment and Prevention for Chronic chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis generally requires a long treatment cycle, and patients need to maintain sufficient confidence and patience.
1. Examination before treatment
The examination items need to be determined according to the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. It mainly includes urine routine, blood routine, prostatic fluid, bacterial culture, drug sensitivity test, and B-ultrasonic examination.
At different stages of diagnosis and treatment, the examination may be different. For example, the first visit patients may need to receive urine routine, prostate fluid, and B-ultrasonic examination, while the second visit patients only need to receive prostate fluid, bacterial culture, and drug sensitivity test.
2. Prostatic massage
Prostatic massage is a routine examination to obtain prostatic fluid. It has the function of diagnosis and treatment. It is better not to have sex the day before the examination, so as to avoid the difficulty in obtaining the prostatic fluid during the examination. At the same time, don't be nervous during the examination. Excessive tension will make the anal sphincter contract but aggravate the discomfort.
If you can't stand it, you can ask the doctor to stop the examination. In addition, it is better to defecate and empty the bladder before the examination.

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