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Treatment and Prevention for Chronic chronic prostatitis(3)

However, there is a lack of effective evidence about the efficacy and safety of prostate injection and operation, so we hope that patients can consider it carefully.
Prevention for chronic prostatitis
To prevent chronic prostatitis, patients should pay attention to the following points:
1. Develop good living habits, quit smoking and drinking, eat less spicy and other stimulating food, and eat more fruits and vegetables;
2. Regular work and rest, avoid staying up late, less sedentary, more exercise, more drinking water, do not over hold urine;
3. If there is no sexually transmitted disease, keep a regular sexual life;
4. Strengthen nutrition and improve immunity;
5. Keep good hygiene, take a bath and change clothes frequently;
6. Some preventive drugs are effective, but the relapse after repeated drug withdrawal can be prevented by long-term intermittent medication.

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