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How Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Sexual Dysfunction?

The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis patients are frequent urination, urgent urination, urodynia, burning sensation in the urethra, dysuria, discomfort or pain in the perineum and testicle, and white drip in the tip of urethra.
The clinical performance of each patient is not the same. Whether chronic prostatitis can cause sexual desire to decline or even sexual dysfunction depends on the mental state of the patients and the pathological changes of condition.
The role of the prostate in male reproductive activities is mainly to secrete prostate fluid, which affects the quality of sperm and ejaculation process, but not the sexual function itself. For example, some patients with prostatectomy can still have a normal sexual life.
However, in real life, the sexual dysfunction of chronic prostatitis patients is indeed more common, such as hyposexual desire, premature ejaculation, impotence, and so on. In the early stage of the disease, patients often suffer from hyposexuality, which is mainly related to mental tension, increased psychological burden, depression, and so on.
Of course, the prostate gland is often congested and swollen by inflammation, which makes the patients often suffer from the symptoms of low back and knees, fatigue and fatigue, insomnia, etc., and also affects the normal sexual desire.
In some patients, especially young people, the prostate gland, seminal vesicle, and surrounding tissues are often congested and swollen by inflammation, which can enhance sexual sensitivity, lead to premature ejaculation, abnormal erection of penis or increase of spermatorrhea. If chronic prostatitis can not be effectively treated, it can not be prolonged, prostate tissue can be fibrosis, and over time it is easy to produce impotence.
There are also some patients who may refuse to have sex because of the wrong understanding, mistakenly thinking that chronic prostatitis patients can not have sex. Generally speaking, prostatitis will not cause sexual desire to decline, and it can have a sexual life.
While receiving standardized treatment such as taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, sexual life can be reasonably arranged according to your own situation. It can not only eliminate the worry and tension of patients but also regularly excrete the prostatic fluid, which is helpful for the recovery of the disease.
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