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Causes of Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis

Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is the most common type of prostatitis syndrome, accounting for 64% of the cases of prostatitis. The cause of the disease is not clear, there is abnormal number of inflammatory cells in the prostatic secretion of nonbacterial prostatitis, but bacteria culture or other methods can not find pathogens.
a) Pathogens are other than bacteria, unknown or undetectable. Some unusual pathogens (such as anaerobes, mycoplasma, chlamydia, or other protozoa, viruses, etc.) have been tried to prove to be the cause of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, but they have not been successful, but there is no sufficient evidence that there is no obvious causal relationship between them through bacteriological and serological tests. Recent research does not support that bacteria are the cause of the disease.
b) Chemical factors, including urinary reflux in the prostate, prostate stone, and so on.
c) Mental factors, long-term stress, etc.
d) Climatic factors, such as cold, etc.
e) Congestive reasons, various factors cause long-term congestion of the prostate, including sedentary, stimulating diet, etc.
f) Some researchers believe that chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is an immune disease. The diagnosis of nonbacterial prostatitis can only be determined after excluding another specific prostatitis.
The latest research shows that the occurrence of the disease is due to the interaction between psycho mental factors and immune, nervous and endocrine systems, including hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis disorder, adrenocortical hormone abnormality, neurogenic inflammation, myofascial pain syndrome, local neuroendocrine disorder.
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