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Health Effects of Chronic Prostatitis in Male

Chronic prostatitis(CP) is associated with myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, and active Crohn disease. It is the most serious chronic disease affecting the quality of life of residents. The incidence rate is about 2% to 16%. About 50% of male patients have had CPS symptoms. Their main manifestations are voiding dysfunction and often chronic pelvic pain or discomfort, which seriously affects the quality of life.
The effect of CP on semen quality has always been controversial. It has been found that CP / CPPS can increase semen quantity, prolong liquefaction time and decrease sperm activity rate, while the severity of symptoms has nothing to do with semen quantity, liquefaction time, and sperm motility.

Psychological problems
Another important effect of CP patients on men's health is their psychological status. Some studies have shown that CP is closely related to psychological factors. About 2 / 3 of the patients have anxiety symptoms, and more than half of the patients have depression symptoms. With the course of the disease, anxiety and tension increase, while physical condition and social ability weaken.
Psychological abnormality is positively related to the severity of prostatitis symptoms, which may be due to the long course of CP, repeated attacks, long-term cure, and various pressures, which make the patients lose the confidence to cure and produce a series of negative effects. At the same time, due to the lack of timely and effective diagnosis and treatment, the symptoms are aggravated, which may promote each other and cause and effect each other.
ED can be divided into organic ed and psychological ed. The survey showed that 49% of cP patients had decreased sexual function, 47% showed ED, 61% of them were mild ED, and the incidence rate increased with age and duration. We found that the incidence of ED in this group was 20.7% (41 / 198), of which 58.5% was mild ED.
The occurrence of ED may be related to psychological dysfunction or local pain caused by prostatitis. With the transformation of the modern medical model from the biomedical model to the social-psychological, biomedical model, social-psychological factors have gradually become important pathogenic factors. The main effects of CP on male health are psychological effects, sexual dysfunction, and semen.
Chronic prostatitis has no obvious effect on men's health, so it can be considered as a symptomatic disease. Therefore, when patients use analgesics, drugs that improve symptoms, physical and mental state and other drugs, such as Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, we should pay more attention to psychological counseling and other comprehensive treatment.
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