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How does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Infertility?

According to reports, the incidence of chronic prostatitis in infertile males can reach about 5% - 40%. Therefore, men with infertility should also carry out necessary examination and treatment on whether they have a prostate infection. Chronic prostatitis mainly affects the quality of seminal plasma components through the following aspects, and then affects the fertility of patients.

1. Changes in semen composition
Semen contains a certain amount of nutrients to support sperm and help sperm movement. In chronic prostatitis, some bacteria and inflammatory cells may be mixed in the seminal plasma, and lactic acid substances may also be increased. Toxins and metabolites of bacteria are also excreted in the seminal plasma. The survival and inflammatory cells of bacteria also consume a lot of nutrients and oxygen, which makes the living environment of sperm extremely bad, so they can not give full play to their fertility.
2. Change of semen pH value
The pH value of normal semen is 7.2-7.8, under which the sperm can survive well and move freely. In chronic prostatitis, the acidity in the seminal plasma will increase, which will decrease the pH value and make seminal plasma slightly acidic. When the pH value is reduced to 6.0-6.5, which is the minimum requirement for sperm survival, the sperm will die, which is not conducive to the normal reproduction process. The leukocytes in the prostatic fluid will also make the pH value of prostatic fluid. It is not conducive to the survival of sperm.

3. Increase of semen viscosity and abnormality of semen liquefaction
When there is chronic inflammation in the prostate, the activity of a large number of liquefying enzymes in the prostatic fluid decreases or the secretion decreases, the coagulation factor increases relatively, and the semen may contain bacteria, a large number of white blood cells, or even a large amount of pus, which makes the semen not easy to liquefy, and the semen viscosity also increases significantly, which is harmful to the normal sperm Activities.
4. Changes in sperm density and semen volume
The ejaculation volume of healthy men is 2-6ml each time. Because the volume of sperm is very small, the semen volume is basically equal to the amount of seminal plasma. On the other hand, the amount of seminal plasma sometimes increases, which reduces sperm density, dilutes sperm and affects fertility.
5. Change of hypothalamus pituitary gonad axis
The symptoms of the mental nervous system are often common in patients with chronic prostate, especially in patients with recurrent cases. Patients may have mental and psychological problems and changes in personality characteristics. Patients may have insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, fatigue, anxiety, mental depression. These symptoms can lead to changes in the hypothalamus pituitary-gonadal axis, which can cause apoptosis death of germ cells and sperm and thus significantly affect fertility.
6. Sperm delivery disorders
Chronic epididymitis, epididymal fibrosis, nodular formation, vasitis, ejaculatory orifice obstruction, and other changes in the output pipeline caused by prostatitis can result in partial difficulty in ejaculation, or complete obstructive azoospermia, resulting in male infertility.
7. Sexual dysfunction
Some patients often show abnormal sexual psychology, accompanied by decreased libido and sexual function, resulting in significantly reduced sexual excitement or activity. Some patients may have different degrees of painful erectile and ejaculatory pain, frequent spermatorrhea, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and so on, thus affecting fertility.
From the point of view of eugenics, it is generally advocated that patients have babies three months after the cure of chronic prostatitis can protect the newly produced sperm from the influence of the abnormal environment of prostatitis, so as to improve the quality of the population.
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