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Unable To Sleep Due To Chronic Prostatitis, What To Do?



Recently, we often receive a lot of messages from patients with prostatitis, saying that they are unable to sleep because of recurrent illness and mental stress. As we all know, persistent mental stress can cause a vicious cycle of insomnia. For anxious patients, they should be encouraged to speak out their psychological feelings.

To learn self-regulation and relax yourself, and don't try to sleep so hard. Actually, there are several things you should know to help you sleep well when treating prostatitis.

1. Understand the process of healthy sleep

There are deep and shallow types of sleep. Sleeping becomes a cycle from shallow type to deep type to dreaming, which lasts about 90 minutes. Usually, you may have 4 to 6 sleep cycles per night.

Deep sleep is particularly important, even though it merely accounts for 15% to 20% of the whole sleeping time. During this period, growth hormone secretion will be increased. Sufficient deep sleep can promote metabolism of the body and help maintain energy and vitality.

2. Keep a positive mindset

Patients with chronic prostatitis always need to urinate, even at mid night. Due to frequent urination, they can not have a peaceful process to get into sleep, which will make them unavoidably stay up late and become anxious about their condition on the following day. What's worse, it may become a vicious cycle and cause more severe prostatitis and insomnia.

Therefore, you should keep a positive mindset. Don't panic if you can't get asleep at late night. You should know your body is always in the first place. You can ask for a leave to get sufficient rest. And some recreational activities can get you relaxed. If you're still feeling anxious, you should talk to someone you trust. When you are in low spirits, everything you do will go wrong to some extent. So you need to adjust your attitude first, then both insomnia and prostatitis will be likely to be solved later.

3. Exercise can help you sleep

Exercise causes physical fatigue, and the brain's response to physical fatigue will increase the duration of deep sleep. So scientifically speaking, exercise is good for sleep. But for those who suffer from insomnia, they should avoid doing strenuous exercise three hours before bedtime. Walking, taking the stairs and rope skipping are good options.

As is known to all, exercise can strengthen the body and enhance its immunity. Patients with chronic prostatitis often feel weak and they are susceptible to bacterial infection. During your treatment, doing some proper exercise will help you get better soon.

Untreated chronic prostatitis will damage your body, making you feel miserable and depressive. That is to say, receiving right treatment of prostatitis should be given top priority. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is often recommended to patients with chronic prostatitis. It can eliminate pain in male urogenital system and help them relieve symptoms. Sticking to taking it can effectively achieve a radical cure.

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