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What Is Exercise Therapy For Chronic Prostatitis?


Lack of exercise is arguably one of the worst lifestyles for men today. According to a recent survey on the physical fitness, many people aged 30 to 40 have poorer cardiopulmonary function than those aged 50 to 60. Many diseases that are easy to occur in the middle-aged and the elderly have widely occurred in men around 30 years old.
Chronic prostatitis is a common male disease, and its incidence rate has been increasing in recent years, which may be related to lack of exercise in men. There are three main reasons. 
1. Men who lack exercise are prone to prolonging sitting and lying, causing prostatic hyperemia.
2. Men who lack exercise have slower blood circulation, causing pelvic stasis, congestion and edema in local organs and tissues.
3. Men who lack exercise will have poorer and weaker immunity, so that they can't resist bacterial infection in usual times.
There are many methods for the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic prostatitis, among which exercise therapy is worth studying. In practice, it is found that for patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis or psychotonic prostatitis, exercise therapy is relatively effective.
What kinds of exercises are good for patients to recovery from chronic prostatitis?
The keywords include aerobic, persistent, timely and appropriate. So jogging, brisk walking, swimming, tai chi and other sports are good for the patient.
There is a formula that the heart rate of exercise plus the age equals 170. In situations like this, the exercise can be referred to an aerobic one, which usually lasts at least 40 minutes. Aerobic exercise can not only enhance the human constitution, but also improve the blood-supply ability of the cardiovascular system, promote blood circulation, improve disease resistance and reduce pelvic congestion, thus effectively preventing chronic prostatitis.
High-intensity exercise are discouraged. 
If the patient does excessive exercise, it not only can be easy to cause sports injury, but also will have a negative impact on the physiological function of the viscera. But if the amount of exercise is too little, it won't achieve a supportive effect. Scientific exercise plan should be made according to the patient's condition, which is helpful for the rehabilitation of patients with chronic prostatitis.
Is that middle-aged men do exercise too late?
Many of the patients with chronic prostatitis are over 35 years old. They are often suggested to do more exercise, but they sometimes wonder if it is too late to do exercise at this age. As an old saying goes, it’s never too late to learn, and so is doing exercise. No matter when they start exercising, they will benefit a lot.
For patients with chronic prostatitis, exercise therapy is actually one of adjuvant therapies, which also include diet therapy, mental therapy and so on. And patients should always give top priority to medication. They usually can take antibiotics to treat prostatitis. Besides, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to treat chronic prostatitis, which has a great anti-inflammatory effect and can eliminate symptoms without any side effects. 
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