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Three Situations That Make Chronic Prostatitis Stubborn For A Long Time

 In recent years, prostatitis is a relatively common disease. Generally, middle-aged and elderly men will have a higher rate of getting prostatitis. Due to carelessness and being untreated for too long, it can easily turn into chronic prostatitis, which makes it more difficult to be cured. 

Many people find prostatitis has been treated for a long time but it is still active sometimes. Why is it so stubborn?Actually, there are three situations often overlooked by male friends.
1. When you stick to improper treatment without any feedback
Sticking to treatment is necessary for patients with chronic diseases. But if you find it's not helpful after treated for several months, it may be the treatment's fault. For example, taking too many antibiotics to cure prostatitis may lead to drug resistance, which will make these medicines useless. 
Treating chronic prostatitis is a difficult long-term task, you should always follow your doctor's advice. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to the patient. Comparing with antibiotics, its biggest advantage is that it doesn't cause drug resistance after taking for a long time. In fact, you can usually get rid of chronic prostatitis after about three-month treatment.
It is necessary to know whether the treating method is proper. During your treatment, you should also give your doctor feedback in time, to determine whether you should stick to the current treatment or start from a new one.
2. When you stick to bad living habits without knowing them
Your bad living habits can make chronic prostatitis more stubborn than you think. Always holding back urine and sitting for a long time unconsciously are common among male friends. They may not look on them as bad habits, but ordinary behaviors just like walking and talking. 
So it's necessary to change your mind and take these bad habits seriously. When you feel the urine, you should go to the bathroom in time, no matter how busy you are. It can also avoid be sedentary when you just move around indoors. In spare time, doing some physical activities can help you promote blood circulation and prevent prostatic congestion. 
3. When you have a healthy diet plan but cannot keep on it
Eating light food is often recommended to patients with chronic prostatits, which is definitely right, but sometimes is a painful decision. If you can not figure out why your chronic prostatitis is so stubborn, you can merely think of the fat around your body. No matter how hard you try to lose weight, you can not see the expected number on the weighing scale screen. So a healthy diet should be kept for a long time. 
Many people do not pay attention to the rationalization of diet. They are picky about food and fond of stimulating materials, which will further affect the prostate gland and aggravate chronic prostatitis. Making a healthy diet plan is easy, but keeping on it will be a huge challenge. You should be totally ready for it and don't break the rule easily.
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