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These Three Types Of Men Are More Likely To Get Prostatitis

When a man gets old and has more unhealthy habitual behaviors, he is more likely to create many potential illnesses unknowingly. Prostatitis is one of them, which is an urogenital disease with high incidence in men, especially in middle-aged and elderly men.

When counting accidents out, diseases are always related to the personal habits. For male friends with years of bad habits, prostatitis are more likely to happen. In general, these three types of men are at high risk of getting prostatitis.

1. Men who have been drinking and smoking for years

Alcohol and tobacco are rather common and popular in today's society. Some men may have started drinking and smoking at very young age. As we all know, both of them are awfully unhealthy for men. Due to the addiction, it is always very hard for men to give up these bad habits. They are more likely to get prostatitis over time, which can easily develop into a chronic one if left untreated for too long. 

Besides, according to a survey from health center, for men whose history of smoking or drinking is longer than 20 years, the rate of getting prostatitis is about five times higher than normal people. So when the man gets older, the prostatitis may come sooner or later.

2. Men who are lazy or lack adequate exercise

Prostatitis as well as other diseases will easily occur when the man's body resistance becomes lower than usual. Being lazy about anything or busy doing everything can make men tired and unable to have much to pay attention to their body health and doing more exercise. The immunity of inner organs will be affected due to laziness or hard work. 

And when you are in these situations, you cannot avoid sitting all the day, which can easily cause prostatic congestion and further lead to prostatitis. Lack of exercise is a common phenomenon in society, which is worthy of attention.

3. Men who like spicy food

Eating hot spicy pot together is a very popular activity among male adults. And more and more male friends chase for spicy barbecues and snacks, just to satisfy the palate. In their views, eating is not to solve hunger, but to have fun and get excited. But these foods can also stimulate your inner body, causing congestion in prostate gland and unknowingly trigger prostatitits.

What's more common is that many patients are able to stop eating these spicy foods when the symptoms are severe and unbearable. But when they gets better, they will eat them again without thinking. They always think it’s okay to eat a bit sometimes. And that’s why the prostatitis relapses over and over, and then turns into chronic prostatitis. 

To better get rid of prostatitis, male friends should give up all the bad habits above. And more importantly, they should get proper and long-term treatment. Usually, herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help the patient eliminate inflammation and reduce painful experience. Sticking to the pill can effectively cure chronic prostatitis eventually.
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