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The Psychotherapy Of Chronic Prostatitis Should Be Enhanced

 As is known to all, men are a group of creatures that are sensitive to the reputation and being face-saving. Many men suffer from chronic prostatitis, always accompanied by huge psychological pressure. So for patients with chronic prostatitis, a good psychological treatment is particularly important, while often being ignored.

Emotional activity is the external manifestation of human mental activity. Both social and psychological factors affect the occurrence and development of diseases mainly through abnormal changes of emotion. According to clinical research statistics, more than 70% of patients with chronic prostatitis have negative symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism and excessive tension, all of which seriously affect the quality of male life.
Experts have studied the correlation between patient's psychological state and the treatment of chronic prostatitis. The results have showed that the degree of psychological disorder is closely related to the duration of treatment for chronic prostatitis. The longer the treatment last, the more severe the psychological disorder will be, and the heavier the psychological burden will be. 
Usually, the vast majority of patients will have varying degrees of mental symptoms. In clinical cases, these mental symptoms are also accompanied by somatic symptoms, such as frequent and urgent urination, tension and pain in the low back and perineal muscle, and painful sensation when urinating.
In general, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is an available option for patients with chronic prostatitis. It has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and improving the urogenital system in men. However, the patient usually needs more time to focus on the treatment, which may last for one to three months. 
If the patient only relies on drug therapy too much, it may lead to self-doubt and a dead end when the treatment doesn’t work sometimes. In any way, psychotherapy is necessary, which plays a very important role in helping the patient.
Enhancing psychological treatment can effectively reduce the psychological pressure of patients and eliminate the vicious circle caused by psychological barriers. The importance of psychotherapy lies in the close connection between psychological factors and the course of disease. While the cure rate of chronic prostatitis can be quite high on the basis of psychological treatment as well as the recuperation theory of traditional Chinese medicine. 
Besides, psychotherapy can help patients to enhance the function of self-regulation and further improve the efficacy of medicine. Therefore, both patients and their family should work together to face chronic prostatitis with optimism.
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