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Why Can Chronic Prostatitis Lead To Mental Symptoms?

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease that can cause a series of painful urination symptoms that deeply affect many male friends. In addition, by observing the daily status of patients, it is easy to find that they are prone to inducing psychological and mental symptoms, such as depression, tension, irritability and other negative emotions.

Why can chronic prostatitis lead to mental symptoms?
The doctor point out that since chronic prostatitis is one of the most common diseases in men, there are many kinds of information about this disease on the internet. However, there are also various phenomena of exaggeration and propaganda in many information, describing chronic prostatitis as a very serious disease and even an omen of prostate cancer, which aggravates the psychological burden on patients.
This disease actually resembles a cold at the early stage. And even without medical treatment, the patient can get recovered. But because of the lack of correct understanding about this disease, many male friends feel nervous and worry about whether the sterility and sexual function will be affected. Their fear is rooted in the unknown truth of chronic prostatitis.
The etiology of chronic prostatitis is relatively complicated, and the therapeutic effect may be not obvious sometimes. Many patients tend to see doctors repeatedly when the therapeutic effect can't reach the expected goal. Not being cured with a lot of endeavors can always make patients more anxious and irritated. And in turn, these negative emotions make chronic prostatitis worse, thus leading to a vicious circle.
How to deal with mental symptoms caused by chronic prostatitis?
Doctors point out that the psychological therapy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis is rather important, which is a method of comprehensive treatment. Doctors can undertake a certain psychological counseling for the patient and help them develop the correct understanding of chronic prostatitis. For patients with severe mental symptoms, they should be treated by the professional psychologist and specific medication, such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs.
Besides, the main treatment should always be focused on treating chronic prostatitis. A herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is actually a great option for patients, which has an effective ability to eliminate inflammation and improve the male prostate health. With long-term treatment, male patients can get rid of chronic prostatitis. 
Doctors also stress that in addition to the treatment of chronic prostatitis, the patient's lifestyle should also be adjusted. As for the daily diet, they should avoid wine, spicy and irritant materials and other foods containing high uric acid. They should try to avoid sitting or cycling for long time, which can lead to congestion in the prostate gland and is not good for the prostate health. They also need to strengthen physical exercise, such as swimming, mountain climbing, tai chi, walking and other sports. 
After all, chronic prostatitis is not a serious disease, so patients should be in a positive attitude and take part in active treatment to restore the prostate health as soon as possible.
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