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Can Prostatitis Caused By Masturbation Be Improved Easily?

Normal frequency of masturbation, such as once a week or no more than twice a week, while keeping good personal hygiene, does not have any adverse effect on the prostate gland. If you masturbate too often, the sexual impulse will inevitably cause chronic congestion in the prostate gland. Repeated stimulation caused by masturbation can lead to prostate dysfunction over time. Large amounts of prostatic fluid will accumulate in acinus and ducts, causing enlargement of the prostate gland, which presents as chronic inflammation. 


But this condition is often sterile and is called aseptic prostatitis. The typical symptoms of the patient mainly include lumbosacral back discomfort, accompanied by dull pain and pressure, which has nothing to do with posture or movement and is usually aggravated after sexual intercourse. There are a part of the patients that have the feeling of dilatation in the perineum and anus, which may go up to the groin and pubic bone. Patients can get excited but cannot ejaculate.


Therefore, excessive masturbation can not only cause prostate problems and induce prostatitis, but also lead to poor mental status, burnout and low libido, which can further interfere with work and study, and even affect male fertility. It is recommended not to wear tight underwear at ordinary times, and do not contact sexual stimulation pictures and videos as far as possible. It is necessary to go to bed and wake up regularly to avoid having a maggot in the head. After all, developing good living habits can effectively prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. 


Aseptic prostatitis is more common among young people, most of whom do not know much about sex and can easily form the habits of premature masturbation and excessive sexual behaviors. So can the prostatitis caused by masturbation be improved easily? 


Because the masturbation age is not the same among people. Some is more than ten years, while some is only a few years. And the self-control ability can be different as well. But the sexual organs of young people can recover quickly. With the correct treatment and recuperation, the prostatitis can be totally improved. In addition to abstinence from masturbation, patients should persist in treatment, take more exercises and strengthen their physique.


It is suggested to keep running every day for at least half an hour, which can promote perineal blood flow and help the prostate gland recover. Besides, patients should avoid spicy foods, alcohol and tobacco, and they need to eat foods that are conducive to the prostate health, such as tomatoes, pumpkins, apples and so on.


Moreover, the prostatitis caused by masturbation can be regulated with traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a pure Chinese prescription and can positively react on prostate gland and other urogenital organs. And the patient should also follow the doctor's advice and don't take medicine at will. It is recommended to seek professionals for diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.


As long as the patient receives reasonable treatment and conditioning, his body will recover slowly. Male prostatitis caused by masturbation can be  in control with a timely treatment. If not treated in time, the disease will turn into chronic prostatitis easily, in which the cost of treatment will be huger. 


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