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Is It Useful To Abstain From Sex When Having Chronic Prostatitis

As is known to all, sexual life is an important part between husband and wife. A normal harmonious sexual life is the natural physiological requirement of men and women. However, excessive sexual life can cause many adverse consequences to the physical health. In many cases, it can easily aggravate the condition of chronic prostatitis.

Doctors point out that excessive sexual activity can lead to active and passive hyperemia of the prostate gland as well as functional contraction of prostate tissues, and result in repeated damages to the prostate gland and trigger inflammation. Additionally, because the prostatic fluid is discharged in great quantities, it can make the content of trace element zinc decrease significantly in the prostatic fluid, thereby making prostatic local defense ability drop greatly. In this case, bacteria and viruses can get a chance to invade the prostate gland, thus lead to prostatitis. 
In order to avoid the aggravation of chronic prostatitis, attention should be paid to moderate sexual life, which should also be combined with the actual situation of the individual to determine the frequency. Due to this point, many patients who have been tortured by chronic prostatitis for a long period often ask, "is it useful to abstain from sex when having chronic prostatitis?" Especially when they do want to have sexual life, the painful experience always dissuade them. They are trapped in a predicament.
Actually, there is no need to abstain from sex, which in return may cause some side effects. On the one hand, when chronic prostatitis occurs, there are a lot of bacteria and inflammatory cells gathering in the prostatic fluid. If you have no sexual behaviors, these bad substances will not be discharged and will continue to multiply. Although antibiotics are used, satisfactory curative effects will not be achieved.
When having sexual life, the smooth muscle of prostate gland can retract through ejaculation and the prostatic fluid will be discharged into urethra, which actually have a better excretion effect than prostate massage. Besides, if the prostatic fluid is not excreted promptly and effectively for a long time, adult men will have a sense of fullness, eventually leading to sexual impulses and penile erection, and causing prostate congestion, which further exacerbates the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
Accordingly, patients with chronic prostatitis should maintain moderate sexual life based on his age and physical condition. Don't abstain from sex or indulge in sex. Having sexual experience once a week is suggested. Besides, unmarried male friends can have moderate masturbation or prostate massage. And the most important is always the treatment. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is an available option for chronic prostatitis treatment, which adheres to the principles of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. As long as taking the pill for a long period, it can effectively eliminate inflammation and totally recover the prostate health.
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