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Why Did He Suffer From Chronic Prostatitis At Such A Young Age?

Today's focus is on a case of a young man with chronic prostatitis, hoping it can give a positive warning to young people.

Luke, an alias of this young man, began masturbating at the age of 16 and had a minor urination problem in 2017. Then he stopped masturbating for a few months. After his urination problems improved, he continued to masturbate again.
In June 2019, he noticed that his erection was weak during masturbation. The doctor's suggested that he should come to the clinic for a check-up. His symptoms include frequent urination, urinating more than 10 times during the day, mild urinary urgency, mild urine weakness, nocturnal urine 1 to 2 times, swelling pain in the right-side testis, premature ejaculation, ejaculation weakness, erectile dysfunction, slow erection, scrotal moisture, forgetfulness, insomnia and dreaminess.
Doctors point out that 16 years old is the age of male growth and development. The prostate gland is the largest accessory gonad in the male body. The growth and development of prostate gland is regulated by the level of male sex hormones. As long as you pay attention to personal health carefully, you will generally not suffer from reproductive system diseases, not to say prostate diseases like chronic prostatitis.
In male puberty, the secretion of male hormones significantly can increase and secondary sexual characteristics begin to develop, while the prostate gland begins to grow until the normal size. Men in this phase can have sexual awareness and impulse, and then masturbation occurs, which is actually a normal sexual behavior. But excessive masturbation can seriously damage the prostate gland, which is very fragile during the male puberty, thereby leading to chronic prostatitis unwittingly.
You all were young once, and you all know that youth means unrestrained and energetic. Especially in modern society, information contact is developed and intensive, and bad information is flooded on the Internet, which makes young people precocious and exposed to seductive factors, making their self-control worsen.
Chronic prostatitis at his age will be serious over time. Not only does it affect his urination and sexual function, but it may also affect his fertility and his future life. This disease will not heal on its own and must be treated seriously.
In general, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is a great choice for patients with chronic prostatitis. It adheres to the characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used to dispel inflammations and improve the male prostate health.
Actively receiving treatment while paying attention to personal habits can help patients with chronic prostatitis pull through. In addition to the moderate sexual behaviors, male friends should also do more exercise, drink more water, pay attention to personal hygiene and always keep a healthy and nourishing diet.
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