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Rehabilitation Techniques Of Diet And Exercise For Patients With Chronic Prostatitis

Why Do Men Get Chronic Prostatitis?

Inflammatory changes in the prostate gland are necessarily accompanied by changes in local structure and function, or chronic prostatitis itself is the result of changes in local structure and function, according to the doctor's point.
Physiological problems like pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and local physical injury, chronic hyperaemia, urethral stricture, prostate cancer and benign hyperplasia of prostate and bladder neck hypertrophy, and structural abnormalities of the posterior urethra, can induce local bacterial infection, pelvic floor muscle tension, urine reflux in the prostate gland and other phenomena. These are important factors that cause local pain and inflammation.
Therefore, male friends should pay attention to the treatment and self-care of chronic prostatitis. Don't miss the best chance. Usually, you can try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to solve your problems. It is a pure Chinese medicine with no side effects, which can be used to disperse inflammation and adjust the urinary problems. It is a beneficial option for men.
Additionally, males should pay attention to the adjustment of mental and psychological state, strengthen the daily diet, establish a good healthy lifestyle, and use medicine scientifically and rationally. They must maintain regular work and rest time as well as sufficient sleep time, to prevent irregular life or excessive exhaustion from causing their immunity to drop.
Rehabilitation techniques of diet
When it comes to the daily diet, patients should avoid drinking alcohol and eating spicy food. After the occurrence of chronic prostatitis, the decrease of local zinc ion concentration in the prostate will affect the disease resistance of the prostate gland. So patients can choose to eat foods with higher zinc content, such as sesame, peanuts, apples and so on. At the same time, they can also take an appropriate amount of vitamin C and E to improve the symptoms.
The flushing of urine to the urethra can not only help the excretion of prostate secretions, but also help prevent the occurrence of repeated infections. Accordingly, the patient should notice to drink more water and urinate in time. In the meantime, they should maintain defecation unobstructed,  to avoid constipation.
Rehabilitation techniques of exercise
Moderate exercise is good for mood regulation and physical recovery. Taking a walk, jogging, and doing gymnastics are very good motion forms.  Through the abdominal and buttock muscle movement, the patient can promote the prostate local blood and lymph circulation, which is conducive to the dissipation and absorption of local inflammations.
The exercise intensity depends on their own habits and conditions. Do not be too intense, and they should not do competitive sports, such as fast running. Finally, it should be pointed out that sitting for a long time and cycling for too long can cause local prostatic congestion, and the prostate metabolites will be accumulated, which may block the discharge of prostatic fluid. This is also a main cause of the occurrence of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, patients must maintain appropriate rest and moderate activities at ordinary times.
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