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How Is Chronic Prostatitis Cured Thoroughly?

Chronic prostatitis makes many male friends suffer a lot. The onset of the disease is relatively slow, and patients will have symptoms like urinary frequency and urgency, pain and discomfort in testis, perineum and lumbosacral area. If you have a rather long course of the disease, you may have impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms. During the examination, it can be found that there are white blood cells or pus cells in the prostate gland. 

Suffering from chronic prostatitis makes patients panic and they always ask whether they can get cure thoroughly. What should they do?
Doctors point out that chronic prostatitis is mostly caused by poor personal hygiene. When they are getting treated, it is necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene. Maintain a good sexual habit at ordinary times and do not indulge in sex too much, which can play the role of adjuvant therapy.
Chronic prostatitis is usually a common disease and totally curable. According to the tradition Chinese medicine, herbal therapy can be used to nourish the kidney, regulate the qi and energy, remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation. For a long-term treatment, herbal therapy can get patients cured without side effects. 
Commonly, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is suitable for many male patients at home and abroad. It has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and dispel painful symptoms. During the long-term treatment, it can completely kill various bacteria, to better avoid the repeated occurrence of chronic prostatitis.
During and after the treatment, patients should always pay attention to enhancing the body resistance, which is a guarantee of healthy body. Indulging yourself in bad living habits can easily lead to the repeated breakout of prostate problems. If you want to get rid of chronic prostatitis thoroughly, the following things should be with you for good.
1. Patients need to drink more water and eat some fresh fruit, which are conducive to urination and can help to promote the discharge of prostate secretion, to avoid the prostatic congestion.
2. Do not sit for a long time, ride a bicycle for too long or sit on a cold and wet place. If you are a long-distance bus driver, you should get off the bus and do some movements regularly to improve local blood circulation, which can facilitate the absorption of local inflammation and alleviate fatigue.
3. Keep a regular and healthy life, and don't stay up late and overwork. It is also important to prevent cold and inflammation infection.
4. Patients should also reduce the times of masturbation and keep the sexual behaviors moderate, to avoid prostatic congestion. If you have bacteria in your prostatic fluid after checked, it is necessary to wear a condom when having sexual life.
5. Keep the private parts dry and clean, and clean the foreskin every day. For male friends with phimosis, it is needed to get removed through surgery.
6. The daily diet should be light, and male friends should eat more nourishing foods and avoid spicy food, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulating stuff.
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