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Drink More Water And Avoid Holding Urine To Get Chronic Prostatitis Improved

Treating chronic prostatitis is not an overnight thing, and usually, constant treatment and daily conditioning should be done at the same time.

On the one hand, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill features a long-term therapeutic effect on patients, which can efficiently relieve painful symptoms and solve the radical root. It usually produces no side effects during the long-time treatment. So for male friends with chronic prostatitis, it is usually suggested to take the medicine for a long-term treatment plan, to achieve a complete recovery.
On the other hand, a so-called complete recovery can not merely rely on the single treatment. Daily conditioning can also be seen as the adjuvant therapy, which is less obvious but indispensable. Sometimes, that you don't do something can surely do you good, which is also true of the daily conditioning.
For all patients with chronic prostatitis, they should not hold urine as far as possible. If you hold urine too often for too long, it will cause more bacterial infection to your body and aggravate the prostatitis symptoms. When you feel the call of the nature, just answer it. As the same time, drinking more water can not be avoided. Some male patients with prostatitis in the office tend to drink less water to make the urination less, so that they can focus on work tasks. This is also discouraged.
Your body is like a channel, when there are some dirty substances in the channel, you should wash it with water from end to end, which means you should drink more water and urinate in time. Drinking plenty of water in your daily life and sticking to drinking a few cups of warm water every day will help the prostate gland get clean and dilute the concentration of urine, in which the prostatitis symptoms will be relieved to some extent. While urination is to exclude poison and adverse substances, to avoid bacterial invasion.
Furthermore, you should avoid stimulating and spicy foods in your regular diet, such as hot sauce, pepper, ginger, mustard, tobacco, wine, coffee, strong tea and so on. These foods can aggravate the inflammation and congestion in the prostate gland, making the swelling and pain more pronounced. Patients with prostatitis need to eat some cool food, such as pears, sugar cane and other foods or fruits. As you know, fresh fruits contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, crude fiber, protein and fatty nutrients, which are conducive to human body.
In the daily care, male friends should also pay attention to the mental regulation. They should avoid excessive tension, stress, irritability, anxiety and other negative emotions. When you are in a bad mood, your treatment will also be affected. So to better let go of these bad emotions, you should find a suitable to relax yourself, such as doing more exercise and taking part in outdoor activities. When you are no longer burdened with psychological problems, you will have more confidence to overcome the disease.
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