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Men Have Milky White Fluid In The Urine, What Caused That?

Urination is a daily necessity. The color and smell of urine, as well as the presence of sediment, are all indicators of how well our body is functioning. For all men, when there is milky white fluid in the urine, do not take it lightly, you must be vigilant.

What caused milky white fluid?
Doctors point out that the milky white fluid is usually associated with prostatitis and may also be caused by bladder irritation. Besides the abnormal fluid, if you have frequent urination, burning sensation, and painful urination, it will mean that you are suffering from reproductive system disorders.
Prostatitis can lead to milky white fluid in the urine, and lead to pain and discomfort in the perineum and rectum. These awful feelings can also radiate directly into the testicles and groin, causing discomfort in urination. These symptoms need to be taken seriously by men, so as not to affect their normal life and work.
Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often used to treat prostatitis and other urinary problems. It can efficiently eliminate inflammation while cause no harm to human body. It can also improve the body immunity, so as to help patients better prevent the reoccurrence of these problems.
Small class: learn the normal urine in men
Normal people may also have sediment in their urine, which is caused by salt crystals. Because urine contains urate, oxalate and so on, the concentration will be higher when the urine is less, then these substances will be precipitated out.
Salt crystals decrease in solubility when the temperature is low, and they can be precipitated out at the same time. So there may be sediments in the urine when the weather gets cold.
Normal people's fresh urine should be light yellow or amber, clear and odorless. Fresh urine can be used to judge whether the urine is normal or not. 
Is too much or less urine harmful?
The normal urine volume is 1000 to 2000ml per day, with an average of about 1500ml. Increased or decreased urine output may indicate kidney problems, especially nocturnal polyuria, which is often a typical symptom of kidney disease.
About abnormal urine tests:
Routine tests of urine shows protein, white blood cell, red blood cell, ketone body, urine sugar and so on, which should be further examined for the sake of body health.
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