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What Diseases Can Chronic Prostatitis Lead To If Left Untreated?

Chronic prostatitis has two parts: chronic bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis. 

Pathogen infection is related to the chronic bacterial prostatitis, which is mainly the retrograde infection, and the common pathogen is the staphylococcus. Besides, due to a continued presence of pathogenic bacteria in prostate fluid, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is usually caused by various complex reasons and other pathological changes.
Which men will get chronic prostatitis easily?
For example, white-collar workers often work overtime, who lack sleep and have no time to pay attention to the regular life. Many people have unhealthy eating habits and daily habits such as sitting for too long, staying up late and lack of exercise, who are more likely to get their prostate gland inflamed, thus leading to chronic prostatitis over time.
Generally speaking, if acute prostatitis is left untreated for too long, it will get a chance to develop into the chronic one. In daily life, some male patients with chronic prostatitis are due to the years of bad living habits, which are hard to give up. As a result, many male patients may not realize their physical condition and related symptoms. 
Even though they feel some painful symptoms, they merely think these are just temporary phenomena. Putting up with them for a while is enough. In this rate, they tend to make the disease untreated for a long time until they cannot put up with these troubles any longer, which actually have led to more problems than they once expected

What diseases can be caused by long-term untreated chronic prostatitis?
1. Physical pain and mental stress
Due to the long-term stimulation caused by inflammation, the perineum, penis, testicle and other parts of the patient will suffer from swelling, pain, burning, discomfort and other symptoms. At the same time, patients can have mental stress due to these recurrent problems, making them unable to focus on their life and work.
2. Sexual dysfunction
As a result of long-term inflammation, plus various discomfort during the sexual experience, patients will develop an aversion or fear to sexual behaviors, leading to a series of adverse phenomena such as premature ejaculation and impotence.
3. Male infertility
Chronic prostatitis causes changes in the composition of prostatic fluid, which is an essential nutrient for sperm development. Therefore, chronic prostatitis will slowly affect the sperm growth process, resulting in poor sperm, less sperm, dead sperm, no sperm and other problems. Without healthy sperm, a man's fertility can be greatly reduced, leading to infertility in males.
Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis should always get treated in a time manner. Commonly, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a typical and useful treatment for patients with chronic prostatitis. It can markedly solve inflammation, remove painful symptoms and improve the prostate health. It has no side effects or drug resistance, so it has become a reliable option for more and more patients with chronic prostatitis.
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