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Blood In Semen Indicates Prostate Disease -- Can It Be Chronic Prostatitis?

If an adult man ejaculates and finds it turning dark red or pink, sometimes with streaks of blood, he will be understandably nervous and fearful. What can blood in semen indicate?Can it be the chronic prostatitis?

Due to the close anatomical relationship between the seminal vesicle and the prostate gland, like fellow sufferers, inflammations in both organs often occur at the same time, namely the seminal vesiculitis and chronic prostatitis, according to the doctor.
Blood in semen, known as the hemospermia, is a typical symptom of seminal vesiculitis. Because the cyst wall of seminal vesicle is thin, once there is a congestion, the cyst wall attached to the blood vessel will easily rupture, leading to bleeding. The secreted fluid of seminal vesicle is one of the main components of seminal fluid. As a result, the seminal vesicle hemorrhage makes its secreted fluid stained with blood. When it is excreted from the body, blood in semen will be observed.
Meanwhile, chronic prostatitis can also cause hemospermia, and its mechanism is similar to that of seminal vesiculitis. By reason of the prostatic fluid as another important part of semen, the congestion and ruptured capillaries associated with the chronic prostatitis can lead to mixed blood in the prostatic fluid, thus the semen can be stained with blood.  As is the case with chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia can also lead to the occurrence of hemospermia.
chronic prostatitis
It should be noted that the hemospermia caused by chronic prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis is often associated with excessive sexual behaviors or violent sexual movements. Accordingly, for male friends, it is need to control the sexual life and keep it moderate.
If you have already suffered from chronic prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, don’t ignore the timely treatment. The earlier you receive the treatment, the sooner and more effectively you will be cured. Therefore, what medicine can you take? What medicine is worth taking?
The offered option for patients with chronic prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis is the herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a very useful treatment method for both chronic prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, plus other urinary problems like orchitis, epididymitis, chlamydia infection, urinary tract infection and so on.
The herbal medicine can be used to remove heat, dispel toxins, eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve urinary problems such as frequent urination and urinary burning, and improve the patient's immunity so that the internal system can solve the problem itself. It it like a buff in games, enhancing your power while resulting in no side effects on you. Based on the feedback from many patients, this medicine is effective in curing chronic diseases, so it is often regarded as the first choice for chronic prostatitis. 
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