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Can Men With Constipation Suffer From Prostatitis Easily?

Prostatitis is a common disease in males. If patients are accompanied by constipation at the same time, their symptoms will be aggravated or difficult to treat. When you solve the constipation in time, your symptoms will be improved as well. 

Doctors point out that since when the defecation is smooth, mechanical compression of feces can be solved, and you can improve the local physical and chemical environment of the prostate gland.
There is a certain relationship between constipation and prostatitis.
1. Adjacent location.
In fact, there is a close anatomic relationship between the prostate gland and rectum, which is the basis of intestinal diseases which can affect the prostate gland and cause prostatitis.
2. Hazardous substances.
Because the intestines have very strong absorptive capacity, when the constipation occurs, feces will be stuck in the intestines for a long period of time. A large number of hazardous substances may spread to the prostate gland, causing inflammatory irritation.
3. Mechanical compression.
Constipation can cause mechanical compression to adjacent organs, making the prostate lumen narrow, and obstructing the glandular duct. It can also lead to urethral stricture, causing the urine to reflow, thus leading to chemical stimulation and then prostatitis.
4. Complications of constipation.
For example, the periproctitis can make the physiological environment around the prostate gland poor, thus stimulating the gland and leading to prostatitis.
The elderly should pay attention to prevention and treatment of constipation, in order to reduce the incidence of prostatitis. If you have chronic prostatitis, keep your stools open as your first priority. Through diet, exercise and medicine conditioning, you can reduce the inflammatory response and recurrence of prostatitis at ordinary time.
Commonly, for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis, enhance the body resistance and adjust the male self-healing ability. Though the medicine conditioning, males can better gain ground.
As for the constipation, diet is a very critical factor. In daily life, patients should drink more water and urinate more. At the same time, don't eat spicy food and refuse to smoke and drink alcohol. Eating more easily digestible foods, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, nuts, etc., can help improve your intestinal health and also be a good way to avoid prostatitis.
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