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Chronic Prostatitis -- Five Correlative Factors Can Not Be Underestimated

Prostatitis is a common disease in men. Many men ignore acute prostatitis at early stages, which leads to chronic prostatitis as time ticks away. As a result, chronic prostatitis has a high incidence among men. 


chronic prostatitis

The onset time of this disease is rather long, and in recent years, it seems to be related to a younger trend. So young and middle aged men should take notice of the factors that can lead to chronic prostatitis in daily life. Don't underestimate any of these things.


1. Urine stimulation


Urine contains a variety of acid and alkaline chemicals. When the patient has a local neuroendocrine disorder, causing increased posterior urethral pressure and prostatic canal opening injury, irritating chemicals such as uric acid will flow back into the prostate gland, inducing chronic prostatitis.


Countermeasures: you should ask a doctor to adjust the pH of urine and finish the anti-inflammation treatment.


2. Prostatic congestion


All kinds of different causes of prostatic congestion, especially passive congestion, is an important pathogenic factor of prostatitis. Patients are often not due to bacterial infection or microbial invasion, while they may lead to the formation of inflammatory response and induce prostatitis.


Countermeasures: patients with chronic prostatitis should take corresponding treatment measures according to different inducing factors. As for the prostatitis caused by congestive factors, patients should eliminate all sorts of factors that cause passive congestion, make the sexual life moderate, avoid long-time sitting or riding a bike, and at the same time, use traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and remove stasis.


chronic prostatitis

3. Pathogenic microbial infection


All sorts of microorganism can become the infection source that induces the chronic bacterial prostatitis, such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses and so on. Bacteria are the most common ones, such as neisseria gonorrhoeae, non-neisseria gonorrhoeae, etc.


Countermeasures: you can use antibiotics to treat the disease. While due to the drug resistance, it is not suggested to use antibiotics for too long. In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to achieve a complete cure due to its broad-spectrum bactericidal action. What's more, it won't lead to any side effects and can improve your self-repair capacity, so you will have a better physical condition after a long-term treatment.

chronic prostatitis

4. Immunological factors and allergies


Clinical findings proved that an allergic reaction to a virus can also cause inflammation.  In particular, some patients with low body resistance or high sensitivity to the virus, may be easy to induce chronic prostatitis.


Countermeasures: for prostatitis related to immune and allergic factors, the effect of regulating immune function with Chinese medicine can be suggested.


5. Anxiety, depression, fear and other negative emotions


Experts found that 50 percent of patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis have anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism and other symptoms of excessive stress. The condition is called "tension-type prostatitis." Psychological factors are also related to the age, the mental burden of young patients is significantly heavier than that of older patients, which often directly affects the effect of drug treatment.


Countermeasures: because of psychological factors and conscious symptom aggravation, while using drugs, they should accept psychological counseling, maintain cheerful and optimistic state of mind, and try to focus on work and life. Do not pay too much attention to the slight change of symptoms or panic all the time.


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