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The Relationship Between Chronic Prostatitis And Infertility

Sperm quality is the basic condition of male fertility, while chronic prostatitis is a disease that affects male infertility. Is poor sperm quality concerned with chronic prostatitis?

Chronic prostatitis develops to a certain extent and causes the patient to lose fertility. This result has been previously thought to be caused by bacteria in the prostate gland entering semen, killing or reducing sperm motility. Later studies, however, have found that sperm killing occurs only when there are more than one million live bacteria per milliliter.
chronic prostatitis

So what is the cause of infertility induced by prostatitis?

Experts point out that the prostate gland is male peculiar gonadal organ, and the prostate fluid that it secretes is seminal fluid important component, account for 30% of seminal fluid. Prostatic fluid contains substances essential for sperm motility and survival. It also has enzymes that liquidate semen, and hyaluronidase, which helps sperm pass through cervical mucus and the egg membrane.
When the inflammation occurs in the prostate gland, the amount of prostate fluid secretion will be reduced, thus making the sperm survival rate low and it vitality poor. As a result, the semen does not liquefy, affecting the combination of sperm and egg, so that the fertilization will be impacted. In this rate, it will be more likely for males to suffer from infertility.
chronic prostatitis
In addition, when patients with chronic prostatitis are infected with mycoplasma, sperm deformity will be increased and sperm motility will be decreased. When they are infected with chlamydia, it may be easy to cause miscarriage or fetal deformity.
On occasions, chronic prostatitis may cause endocrine dysfunction because of anxiety caused by long-term symptoms, easy to cause yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, yin and yang imbalance, liver and kidney deficiency, and so on, thus indirectly impacting the male fertility.
Infertility caused by chronic prostatitis may be an unwanted result for those who want to raise kids in the future. As a result, male patients should get treated in a timely manner to avoid this misfortune. 
chronic prostatitis
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