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Male Class: Three Aspects Of Characteristics Of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is basically the same as acute bacterial prostatitis in terms of pathogenic bacteria, and the difference between them in terms of bacterial etiology is that the number of bacteria in the prostatic fluid of patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis is less.

Characteristics in etiology

It may take days or even months to get a positive result in a bacterial culture of prostatic fluid. On the one hand, this characteristic makes chronic bacterial prostatitis clinically different from the acute bacterial prostatitis. 
On the other hand, the condition with low bacterial concentration also makes the effectiveness of antibiotics and the efficiency of the body's autoimmune phagocytosis greatly reduced, thus increasing the difficulty of treatment.

Characteristics in anatomy

Anatomically, the gland duct of the prostate enters the peripheral zone of the prostate, making it easy for urine to enter the organ, and at the same time, it definitely affect the smooth passage of prostate fluid into the urethra. In addition, edema caused by inflammation of the periprostatic zone may compress the ducts and further impede the drainage of prostatic fluid. 
In this case, the accumulation and obstruction of infectious materials can lead to the deposition of fibrous tissue in the glandular duct and the formation of stones, which will promote the occurrence and development of long-term inflammations like chronic bacteria prostatitis.

Secretory dysfunction

The secretion dysfunction of the prostate gland is also considered to be one of the pathogenesis of bacterial prostatitis, especially chronic bacterial prostatitis. Although the pH value of prostatic fluid can be acidic or alkaline in normal people, it is more likely to be alkaline in all cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis. 
Doctors point out that zinc exists in the prostatic fluid of normal people and is also an important component of antimicrobial factors. However, its level is very low in male patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis, which may play an important role in the incidence of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Due to this factor, there is a widely used method for patients with chronic prostatitis, which is the apple therapy. 
To all intents, the most common treatment method for chronic bacteria prostatitis is the antibiotics. But commonly, antibiotics have inevitable side effects and can lead to the emergence of drug resistance. So when it comes to treating chronic inflammation, antibiotics tend to become ineffective and even harmful over time.
Luckily, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a complete cure, which is often used for patients with chronic prostatitis. It has great effects on solving inflammations and killing all kinds of bacteria and viruses. More importantly, it won’t lead to any side effects on male body, or lead to drug resistance. So male patients can take the herbal medicine for the long-term treatment plan. With its powerful effects, you can get totally cured for sure.
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