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Why Are Urban Men More Susceptible To Prostatitis?

Nowadays, once the urban people have pressure, they may have to face many diseases. In addition, the influence of some adverse factors in life can lead to emotional tension, anxiety, irregular diet and daily life, etc. The combined action of these factors can be very likely to cause inflammations in males. 
Prostatitis favors men with high pressure in the city.
urban men and prostatitis
Due to the high pressure from work and life, the human immunity will decline, and to eliminate the pressure, male friends tend to develop some bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Also, due to the work requirements, men may be prone to being busy all the time. 
As a result, they forget to eat breakfast, grab a bite to eat at lunch, and always stay up late due to overwork. They also sit for a long time and hold urine frequently, and pay less attention to the personal hygiene.
When things go on like this, their body immunity will get crushed and prostatitis will easily break out. In daily life, being sedentary for a long time can cause recurrent perineal injury and prostatic congestion. That the prostate gland being congested for a long time is an important pathogenic factor to induce prostatitis.
On the flip side, when the body immunity gets decreased, microorganism like bacterium, protozoa, fungus and virus can become the infection source that causes prostatitis. Among them, the most common one is the bacterium, such as gonococci and non-gonococci. 
Doctors point out that as for the prostatitis caused by microbial infection, the methods such as antibiotics, antiphlogistics, regulating urine acidity and alkalinity can be used to clear heat and remove stasis.
In the early stages, urban men often experience acute prostatitis. But because they don't pay much attention to it, or they are too busy with their work, the acute symptoms being untreated for too long can slowly become chronic.
Chronic prostatitis is a very major challenge to the prostate gland. In the struggle with chronic prostatitis, many people's patience will be slowly worn out, making them become desperate and helpless. But you have to know that chronic prostatitis, while very complex, is not as incurable as a terminal disease.
For urban men, chronic prostatitis should get their attention. Compared with work, the importance of life and health is self-evident. In this situation, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very suitable option for their body fitness.
By contrast with the antibiotics and other chemical medicine, this herbal medicine is able to effectively treat chronic symptoms and improve the male immunity during the long-term treatment. What’s more, it doesn’t lead to side effects or drug resistance, so it has been seen as an effective and safe treatment method for the male prostate health.

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