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One Thing Men Should Not Do After Urinating

First of all, men always urinate while standing up, which is determined by their physiology. 
Anatomically, male urethra is shaped like the S. 
When standing, under the influence of gravity, urine can be discharged more naturally.
urination and prostatitis
When squatting or sitting, the urethra is like a barbed shape, and can be oppressed, causing pelvic congestion, making the urine more difficult to be discharged. As time goes by, inflammations like prostatitis or other health problems may occur in the bladder or urethra.
Generally, men should not rush back to their seats after urinating. Instead, they should stand for three to five minutes before sitting down. This is because, after urination, the urethra's internal and external sphincter will get closed, causing the urethra in the prostate gland to form a closed cavity.
If you sit down immediately at this time, abdominal pressure will get increased, so will the pressure in the closed cavity. It may not only cause residual urine reflux, thus causing chronic prostatitis, but also aggravate the original prostate disease, making bladder outlet obstruction and other symptoms aggravated.
A word closely related to prostatitis is congestion, and it is often associated with holding urine and sitting for too long.
In order to avoid prostatitis, men, especially office workers, should avoid sitting for a long time. They are suggested to move around and go get a drink after sitting for one or two hours. Don't hold urine when you feel the urge even though you are busy with your task.
Prostatitis is often caused by some bad habits in daily life. The long-term lack of attention to lifestyle and treatment has led to the worsening of prostatitis, thus leading to chronic prostatitis which makes men suffered more.
For chronic prostatitis, many men try to use antibiotics to get themselves treated, but the therapeutic effect is not always very ideal.
Chronic prostatitis can be divided into aseptic prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria, and prolonged use of antibiotics can lead to resistance and side effects. So for prostatitis with or without bacteria, antibiotics are not suitable for its chronic symptoms.
chronic prostatitis
Chronic problems require long-term treatment with no side effects or drug resistance, and the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is totally adequate. It is safe because it is made from more than 50 selected Chinese herbal materials, which have been certified and patented by the nation.
More and more patients with chronic prostatitis choose to use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and they can usually get symptoms improved after taking the pill for a certain period. It is not only used to improve male urogenital diseases, but also used to amplify male body resistance as well as self-healing capacity. Accordingly, it is beneficial to male health.
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