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Too Much Sexual Desire May Lead To The Prostate Being Easily Congested

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are relatively complex, and the clinical manifestations differ greatly. The main symptoms are abnormal urination and burning feeling when urinating.

Chronic prostatitis is often the result of excessive sexual activity in the young and mature years when male sexual function is most vigorous and male sexual desire tends to become too much. The stimulation of sexual excitement easily lead to prostatic congestion, dysfunction and induced inflammation.
sexual desire
At the same time, the young and mature period is also the most vigorous time of prostate secretion, which provides a good condition for the growth of pathogenic bacteria. 
Especially when males do not pay attention to personal hygiene, or they experience urethral stricture, poor urination, excessive masturbation, no ejaculation, prostate dysfunction, or reduced body immunity, pathogens can then invade the prostate gland and cause an inflammatory response.
Young and middle-aged men have multitudes of work and social activities, with irregular lifestyle, drinking alcohol, smoking, or addicted to porn stimulation, thus leading to constant sexual impulse that can cause prostate secretion dysfunction. 
When young men do not ejaculate for a long time, the seminal vesicle remains in a state of full upsurge. Due to all sorts of objective reasons, males may not have sexual behaviors, and after being excited, reproductive system will produce corresponding changes like the secretion of various related glands, dilation and congestion of blood vessels.
When the repeated sexual desire can not be discharged, physical exercise can be adopted, such as running, swimming, play tennis and so on. Or you can use other interesting things to distract your attention, such as TV series, news, books, games and so on. While if you have strong willpower, you may overcome external stimuli with mind. 
But the corresponding changes in the internal tissues and organs can not be controlled at will so that repeated stimulation of glands secretion can make the secretion organs finally suffer from functional disorders. The accumulation of prostatic fluid and blood stasis as well as the heightened internal pressure can cause nerve reflex pain and discomfort.
Therefore, prevention and treatment of prostatitis should begin in youth. Males should pay attention to reasonable diet, moderate exercise and emotion regulation. When there is the emergence of chronic prostatitis with bacteria or other pathogens, it is important to treat it in time.
The commonly used method is antibiotics. However, long-term use of antibiotics can easily lead to resistance, rendering them ineffective. Moreover, antibiotics will bring many side effects and make patients suffer unnecessary pain, such as headache, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.
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