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Male Lesson: How To Improve Prostatitis Through Prostate Massage

Prostatitis is an urological problem that many men are experiencing. Once the man suffers from prostatitis, he can sense obvious and stern pain in the prostate gland. There are many approaches to helping males relieve the pain induced by prostatitis, and the most common one is to take medicines that can eliminate the inflammation.


Generally, chemical medicine like antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine are widely used to cure various diseases, among which the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more recommended to patients with prostatitis. It has a strong ability to relieve symptoms triggered by prostatitis and protect the male prostate health.


On condition that you don't have medication at hand, prostate massage may be used for you, which can be seen as a useful method to reduce unbearable painful sensation in male patients. So how to perform it?

Prostatitis and Prostate Massage

To begin with, you should maintain the defecation posture, and meanwhile, you need to squat well and use clean water to wash the anal part carefully, to ensure that there is no bacteria breeding. Please remember that the anus must be cleaned, and it's better to clean the inner part of it as well.


With one hand on the floor, you can then put the index finger of another hand into the anus. You should notice that you have to lubricate the finger with soapy water and always wear a finger cot. When you can feel a ball or something that it's the size of a chestnut, then you can gently massage it with your finger.


You should keep in mind the exact time of each massage and gently press as you can to make certain fluid flow out of the urethra. You may think it's urine at the first sight, but it's actually the prostatic fluid, which is created by the prostate gland. Remember, you are supposed to finish this movement three or five times for about three to five minutes each time.


You'd better consult the doctor that well understand the prostate massage to help you finish the first massage, and then you can undertake the next one by yourself. Don't do it yourself until you grasp the right method. 

Prostatitis and Prostate Massage

It is needed to reach the right place of the prostate gland when doing the prostate massage. Right point means great effect, otherwise you may hurt yourself by accident and make the prostatitis worse. If you can surely feel the position, then you will massage it yourself without any concern.


Normally, after adopting prostate massage for a period of time, the painful sensation will be relieved to some extent. While on condition that you feel something wrong, you need to stop it and go see a doctor immediately. Although prostate massage can relieve the patient’s pain, it cannot eradicate prostatitis. Accordingly, it is recommended that you ought to take medicine as soon as possible, and more often than not, using regular prostate massage manages to help you get better sooner.



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