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Patients With Prostatitis: Please Say No To These Three Types Of Food

Why does prostatitis appear?


Why can prostatitis not be treated for a long time?


Why can the treated prostatitis break out again?


When you are faced with these three problems, the most important thing to reflect on is not your treatment, but your diet.


That you do not pay attention to the diet, or the diet is not totally healthy, will lead to the emergence of diseases, lead to unsatisfactory treatment result, and lead to the repeated attack of the disease.


Therefore, mainly, as for patients with prostatitis, please say no to these three types of food.



1. Spicy food.


Spicy and pungent food, such as green onion, ginger, chili, pepper and so on, can cause blood vessels to dilate and trigger organ congestion. Whether before, during or after treatment, the influence of eating spicy food on the prostate gland can not be ignored, which also leads to repeated attacks of prostatitis.


2. Alcohol.


As drinkers know, white wine can be very hot and spicy, and beer can also lead to drunkenness. Therefore, the irritation of wine is no less than that of spicy food, and excessive drinking is even more likely to lead to congestion of the prostate and sicked organs.


Drinking alcohol will speed up blood circulation, leading to prostatic congestion and edema. At the same time, due to drinking and sitting for a long time, it will further aggravate congestion, leading to chronic inflammation, that is the chronic prostatitis.


3. Tobacco.


Everyone knows smoking is harmful to health, but there are still many people who can't help smoking. You may not know that the poisonous substances in the tobacco such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide can not only damage the prostate tissue directly, but can also interfere with the nerve function of blood vessel, affect the blood circulation of the prostate gland, thus aggravating the prostatic congestion.



You need to avoid these foods, especially when treating prostatitis.


A small number of patients taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat chronic prostatitis complained that they did not recover. Once asked, we just knew they did not have a reasonable conditioning diet. During the treatment, they were more or less exposed to the stimulation of spicy food, leading to the rebound and aggravation of the disease, which is absolutely not desirable.


So what can you eat during the treatment?


The patient with prostatitis should eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, coarse grain and soybean products. 


Eat more honey to keep your stools open. 


Eat beef and eggs in moderation. 


You can also eat more seed foods on a daily basis, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.



It is also important not to reduce the amount of water you drink because you are urinating too much. Drinking more water can dilute your urine and prevent urinary infections and bladder stones from forming. Drink more water, so simple, but also very important. You need to stick to it.



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