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Does Chronic Prostatitis Have An Influence On Male Erection?

Chronic prostatitis is a common problem in young and middle-aged men. About 50% of men will suffer from prostatitis at certain stage in their life. Is there a relationship between chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction? Why can't they feel a hard-on after getting chronic prostatitis?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common symptoms of chronic prostatitis. The incidence of erectile dysfunction in patients with chronic prostatitis is about 20% to 50% based on a report. In these patients, concerns about male erection are more than that about prostatitis.
The first thing we need to understand is the possible causes of erectile dysfunction in patients with chronic prostatitis, which mainly include:
Anatomical factor -- During inflammation, due to the infiltration of a large number of inflammatory cells, the prostatic canal and surrounding stromal tissues are involved, causing congestion and edema, affecting the structural and functional changes of blood vessels and nerves, thus leading to sexual dysfunction.
Physiological factors -- If left untreated for too long, chronic prostatitis can cause cerebral cortex function disorder or the secretion of a variety of hormones disorder, leading to erectile problems.
Psychological factors -- Studies have shown that psychological factors play an important role in developing chronic prostatitis syndrome, and some scholars even believe that the erectile ability of patients with chronic prostatitis is affected by psychological factors rather than caused by the organic pathological changes of the disease.
During the treatment, patients with chronic prostatitis may have great mental pressure and a heavy economic burden. They are prone to insomnia, anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. Some patients even mistakenly believe that chronic prostatitis is closely related to sexual life, resulting in fear of sex, which may aggravate erectile dysfunction to a certain extent.
Furthermore, when it comes to the onset of chronic prostatitis, libido loss is a more common symptom, which will also aggravate the patient's mental burden and anxiety, making them nervous and depressed, leading to varying degrees of erectile dysfunction and even premature ejaculation. Although these problems are related to penile sensitivity, psychological factors play a larger role.
Psychological factors tend to be ignored by many patients. Without a positive mindset, it is not easy for patients to get through the painful treatment period, so psychological factors should be paid more attention to and psychotherapy should be combined with medication to achieve a more effective treatment.
To begin with, patients with chronic prostatitis should go to a regular hospital to undertake systematic diagnosis and treatment. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to them, which has a great effect on treating chronic prostatitis and can improve the male genitourinary system. Sticking to taking medicine is a core principle for curing chronic prostatitis.
Psychotherapy, as you know, can improve the therapeutic effect of chronic prostatitis accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Patients should carry out self-psychological counseling, which can help establish their self-confidence to overcome the disease and reduce anxiety. If needed, certain anti-anxiety and depression drugs can be used to help them relax and relieve stress.
Moreover, patients need to develop good living habits, which involve their diet, sex life, personal behavior and hygiene. In general, both chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction are closely related to bad habits in daily life, such as drinking, smoking, eating spicy food, excessive masturbation and poor personal hygiene.
Accordingly, patients should always pay more attention to their daily behaviors. They are suggested to drink more water, avoid holding back urine, take a regular bath, keep a moderate sex life and develop a proper diet according to their conditions.
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