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Is Thermotherapy for Chronic Prostatitis Safe And Effective?

It is said that about half of males will be impacted by prostatitis at some time in their life. And nowadays, the thermotherapy gain people’s attention when it comes to the prostatitis treatment.
Doctors state that the principle of thermotherapy is to amplify the blood circulation of prostate tissue and accelerate metabolism by taking the thermal effect produced by numerous physical means, which helps to improve tissue edema and pelvic floor muscle spasm.
The most commonly used methods of prostatitis thermotherapy include transrectal and perineal thermotherapy with microwave, radio frequency, laser and the like.
A local hot compress can accelerate local blood circulation, which ameliorates the discomfort of the prostate induced by inflammation stimulation. Meanwhile, it can relieve frequent urination, urgent urination, the pain of urination and endless urination.
While the hot compress of the prostate can merely relieve the symptoms when the process is finished, and the symptoms will recur later. So it is only a temporary means.
Additionally, thermotherapy can cause thermal tissue reaction and tissue fibrosis. And it may cause the elasticity of the prostate to become poor, the systolic and diastolic capacity to drop, and then affect the urination and male ejaculation function. 
Now, it is believed that thermotherapy can alleviate the prostatitis symptoms just in a short time, but there is no long-term follow-up data. Thermotherapy methods like microwave and radio frequency are not suggested for unmarried males and those with fertility requirements.
Specialists claim that prostatic fluid is an important factor of the semen, and the use of thermotherapy will result in no semen liquefaction, thereby influencing male fertility.
If the temperature is too high, that is it exceeds or reaches the normal temperature of human body, it will make the scrotum in a warm state, thereby affecting the warming effect of the scrotum, causing the high temperature of the testicle, affecting the sperm formation, which will bring negative consequences to male reproductive system.
Likewise, a sitz bath is not recommended for males with fertility requirements, the water temperature should be two to three degrees lower than the temperature. The duration of each sitz bath should be no more than 20 minutes.
A sitz bath can relax the local prostate muscles, dilate blood vessels and speed up blood circulation, to amplify the absorption and dissipation of inflammation, and achieve the purpose of relieving clinical symptoms. But it can not guarantee a complete cure for prostatitis.
Based on the symptoms of prostatitis and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Lee made the herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which can effectively deal with the disease on the basis of experienced prescriptions.
This natural medicine is made of over fifty selected natural herbs through strict compatibility. It is able to clean away heat and toxin, ameliorate blood circulation, improve qi to relieve pain, and its curative effect has been well proved in clinical practice. Therefore, more and more sufferers are willing to take it as a safe and effective choice for prostatitis treatment.
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