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A Male Concern -- Can Prostatitis Make Them Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction?

Prostatitis is a common disease in the genitourinary system that can be divided into acute and chronic types. Manifestations of prostatitis usually include urinary frequency and urgency, burning when urinating, pain in the pelvis and genital area. Patients should attach importance to the disease and get treated in time.

Sexual function is always a male concern, then, can prostatitis make them suffer from sexual dysfunction?

Prostatitis, if left untreated, is sure to cause sexual dysfunction in men. The bacteria in the prostate gland can go up and affect the reproductive system, causing male reproductive system diseases, impotence and premature ejaculation, and most seriously, infertility. 
To be honest, long-time chronic inflammation changes the composition of prostatic fluid, affects the secretion function of the prostate gland and the liquefaction time of semen, thus leading to the decline of sperm motility.
Besides, prostatitis caused by bacterial infection may bring in white blood cells, microorganisms and inflammatory factors in patient's semen, which may damage the sperm, making it weak and deformed. Those damages will further lead to male infertility.
Doctors warn that what you should likewise notice is that prostatitis can cause gynecological diseases as well.
To prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, those bacteria can be pass on to females through sexual intercourse, causing the occurrence of female gynecological diseases.
By reason of some adverse symptoms caused by prostatitis, patients will suffer from psychological depression, which may cause other psychological diseases and even complications. 
Patients' depression can also be a torture for their family members, who will also feel uncomfortable and produce irritability. If prostatitis is not treated for a long time, the couple's life and family relationship will be seriously affected.
In the event that you suffer from prostatitis, don't be too worried and nervous. As long as you get timely treatment, your condition can be gradually improved.
Commonly, patients can take oral antibiotics for three weeks, and then consider whether to continue the medication based on their feedback. 
Further, patients can take some drugs to supplement protein and trace elements such as zinc and selenium, to enhance the sterilization and antibacterial ability of the prostate. The intake of zinc can help improve the quality and vitality of the sperm and enhance male fertility. 
Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine is able to treat prostatitis as well. Patients who hate the side effect of western medicine can consider some methods of traditional Chinese medicine. 
Now, a herbal remedy medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option for males, which has obvious bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Furthermore, it will not produce drug resistance, and can be taken with chemical medicine such as antibiotics simultaneously. Therefore, the pill is safe and effective.
Some helpful tips for you in ordinary time.
1. Just be positive, and don't feel inferior or anxious due to your illness.
2. Develop good living habits, drink more water, urinate more, and do not sit on a chair for too long.
3. Keep a moderate and regular sexual experience, and pay attention to personal hygiene before and after sex.
4. Take participate in physical exercise more, such as running, jogging, hula and so on.
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